How to Roll Over a 401k to Gold or Silver

It’s easy to roll over a 401k to gold or silver, as long as the 401k in question meets specific eligibility requirements. In most cases, for example, the 401k needs to be inactive. This means that the investor has separated from the company sponsoring the 401k, and is no longer contributing to the 401k. Two exceptions to this general rule are the following:

  1. The company sponsoring the 401k allows employees to make “in-service” 401k rollovers, meaning current employees can roll over their respective 401k plans to other retirement account providers.
  1. The owner of the 401k is also the owner of the company that sponsors the plan (this would allow the company’s owner to liquidate the 401k entirely).

How to Roll Over a 401k to Gold or Silver

In recent years, a growing number of investors have converted their respective 401k plans to physical gold and silver to combat inflation and fiscal irresponsibility in Washington. These same investors believe that rising government debt levels and interest rates that are near historic lows could hurt retirement savings that are tied up in traditional 401k investments, like stocks and bonds.

Best 401k Rollover Providers

If your 401k is eligible for a rollover to gold and silver, and you think owning some gold or silver might be a good long-term investment strategy, take the following 3 steps to make the conversion from paper-based investments to hard assets:

  1. Fill out the 401k rollover forms sent to you by your 401k rollover provider, as well as any investment direction forms required by your 401k administrator.
  1. Wait for the funds to be placed in your new Precious Metal IRA account. Make sure you choose a retirement account company that supports physical gold and silver investments. If possible, have the funds sent directly to your Precious Metal IRA custodian instead of having a check or wire sent to you; this way, you can avoid a lot of paperwork when tax time comes.
  1. Tell your gold or silver dealer which items you’d like to buy with your 401k’s savings. Your bars and coins will be stored in a depository for you until you ask for a liquidation. In some cases, you also have the option of requesting physical delivery of your precious metals.

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If the idea of rolling over a 401k to gold and silver that you can hold in your hands appeals to you, don’t hesitate to make the move and stay a solid step ahead of inflation. After all, the Federal Reserve prime lending rate is 0.25% right now, and the last time the United States experienced a long-term rising interest rate cycle (something many economists expect to begin this year), gold and silver investments increased in value by 1,500% and 2,300% respectively. For free help rolling over a 401k, 403b, TSP or IRA, call (800) 767-1423 or visit 401k Rollover today and learn how to fully flex your financial muscle with a 401k rollover.

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Why ‘nervous’ investors makes one bull less nervous

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How many 401k rollovers am I allowed each year?

According to U.S. Treasury Regulation 1.402(c)-2, investors with employer-sponsored retirement accounts, like 401k and 403b plans, are allowed to rollover these accounts as many times as they desire.

How many 401k rollovers am I allowed each year?

There are two caveats:

If the 401k is rolled over to an IRA, it loses its immunity to the rollover rule. Therefore, only one more rollover may be conducted in that calendar year.

The 401k being rolled over must be inactive. Otherwise, the 401k’s owner must also be the owner of the company that sponsors the plan in question.

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The reason many investors have recently been asking about 401k rollover limitations has to do with a recently enacted IRA rule that states Individual Retirement Accounts can only be rolled over once each year. Thankfully for the 52 million Americans who own an employer-sponsored retirement account, it wasn’t long before the IRS and the Treasury Department clarified the rule and made it clear that 401k rollovers would not count as IRA rollovers. If you have questions about rolling over your 401k, ask from 401k Rollover or call (800) 767-1423 for a free explanation of your 401k rollover options.

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The Department of Defense will shortly be publishing the results of an internal audit of government-issued credit cards

The Department of Defense will shortly be publishing the results of an internal audit of government-issued credit cards, revealing that both military and civilian Pentagon officials used their cards to pay for gambling and escort services in Las Vegas and Atlantic City… Click here to read complete news


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The Paperwork-Free 401k Rollover from

Have you been putting off your 401k rollover because of a lack of time or confusion over the 401k paperwork required of you? A 401k rollover doesn’t have to be burdensome. A new website, 401k Rollover, aims to alleviate the stress of rolling over your 401k or other retirement accounts.
401k Rollover has an around-the-clock staff of 40k rollover advisers on hand to complete your 401k rollover forms on your behalf. To take advantage of this free service, you’ll need the following:

● recent account statement from your 401k, 403b, 457, TSP or IRA
● names, birthdates and social security numbers of your spouse and other beneficiaries
● your personal identifying information, such as name, address, telephone number, email address, social security number and retirement account number

Call at (800) 767-1423 when you have this information handy. You’ll also need to decide if you want to roll over the entire 401k or a specific portion of the account.

401k RolloverYour non-commission 401k adviser will transcribe the pertinent information to the proper 401k rollover forms and send it to you to approve, sign and date. You’ll then submit the forms to the proper custodian for approval.

Depending on the type of 401k rollover you’d like, as well as the investments you’re considering, your 401k adviser will either help you personally or refer you to the proper 401k rollover provider. Flex your financial muscle with a 401k rollover by calling (800) 767-1423 today or by contact us at now.

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